At peace

It was the isolation that choked her. 

It was the concrete knowledge that the seas of people that wished her well, didn’t.

The rope grew tighter

 The grip grew tighter

The reins pulled harder
But she gave in to the only path remaining

That she avoided with her heart and soul

It was the only one providing light

In an abyss of darkness 
Suddenly the rope fell 

The grip retreated

The reins removed

The isolation retreated, cowering into non-existence 
She had found her saviour

A deity above all else 


At peace, in a sea of isolation. 


#30X30: Finish The Pulitzer Project

Wow. So touching, gnawing at the heartstrings and appealing to the inner romantic within me.

the drew moody

On February 9, 2010, my best friend, Joshua, and I set out on an adventure; the challenge we posed to ourselves was to read all 84 novels that had won the Pulitzer Prize for Fiction in one year. On March 19, 2015—a full 61 months and 87 books later—I finally wrapped up The Pulitzer Project.

I didn’t cross that finish line with a shout or a even a sigh of relief, though; I crossed the finish line with, I have to confess, hesitation, reticence, and a touch of sorrow. Sure, there was a bit of relief mixed in there, but I’d be lying if I said that I had nothing but happiness to close the back cover of the last book and place it back on the shelf.

The Pulitzer Project started out very ambitiously, and it became so much more than a mere reading project or a humble book…

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the semicolon project

This is an amazing read. Never give up, don’t finish the sentence, but pause and carry on.


FullSizeRender-1FullSizeRender Today I went to a tattoo artist, and for $60 I let a man with a giant Jesus-tattoo on his head ink a semi-colon onto my wrist where it will stay until the day I die. By now, enough people have started asking questions that it made sense for me to start talking, and talking about things that aren’t particularly easy.

We’ll start here: a semi-colon is a place in a sentence where the author has the decision to stop with a period, but chooses not to. A semi-colon is a reminder to pause and then keep going. 

In April I was diagnosed with depression and anxiety. By the beginning of May I was popping anti-depressents every morning with a breakfast I could barely stomach. In June, I had to leave a job I’d wanted since I first set foot on this campus as an incoming freshmen because of my mental…

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The Charleston Shooting and the Potent Symbol of the Black Church in America

This article perfectly highlights the pitfalls of the American society and their negligence towards black people. Negligence doesn’t even begin to cover it. White supremacy is as rife as ever, and frankly it’s sickening.

The Junto

Emanuel landscapeLast night, Dylann Storm Roof entered the historic Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in downtown Charleston, South Carolina, sat through an hour-long meeting, and then opened fire on those in attendance. Reverend Clementa Pinckney, a state senator, was among nine individuals who were killed. Many are shocked at not only the grisly nature of the shooting, but also its location. “There is no greater coward,” Cornell William Brooks, president of the N.A.A.C.P, declared in a statement, “than a criminal who enters a house of God and slaughters innocent people engaged in the study of scripture.” Yet this experience is unfortunately, and infuriatingly, far from new: while black churches have long been seen as a powerful symbol of African American community, they have also served as a flashpoint for hatred from those who fear black solidarity, and as a result these edifices have been the location for many of our…

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The pain
In the face
Of no voice,

The screech,
It beckons
the eyes to a sight.

Her struggle for a name,
For an entity,
To save face.

Is it a woman who must beg,
For a saviour,
A friend,
Is she incapable of all else?

Is it right for a woman
who doesn’t conform
to the norm,
To be treated as a threat?
To be placed as second best?
For she is but just a woman.