#30X30: Finish The Pulitzer Project

Wow. So touching, gnawing at the heartstrings and appealing to the inner romantic within me.

the drew moody

On February 9, 2010, my best friend, Joshua, and I set out on an adventure; the challenge we posed to ourselves was to read all 84 novels that had won the Pulitzer Prize for Fiction in one year. On March 19, 2015—a full 61 months and 87 books later—I finally wrapped up The Pulitzer Project.

I didn’t cross that finish line with a shout or a even a sigh of relief, though; I crossed the finish line with, I have to confess, hesitation, reticence, and a touch of sorrow. Sure, there was a bit of relief mixed in there, but I’d be lying if I said that I had nothing but happiness to close the back cover of the last book and place it back on the shelf.

The Pulitzer Project started out very ambitiously, and it became so much more than a mere reading project or a humble book…

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